RSG Hershey  -  2005

I never got around to doing a writeup of this event. Here is the nearest thing to it, a collection of excerpts from the email about it.

Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 19:11:38 -0400
From: Dave Tutelman <>
Subject: Re: [RSG-OHIO] Re: 2005 RSG Hershey....

I'll be there.

Detail below...

At 04:03 PM 4/9/2005, Guy Cooper wrote:
>If anything, Wren Dale will get some to
>dial up their game...  that or losing their balls!!

Just looked at the pictures now.
Just looked at my game this morning.
Better bring a whole bagful of Pinnacles.

>Groff's has openings that am...  would need to be early
>since we wouldn't want to rush or overdue anything with Wren Dale
>in the afternoon.  (re > How's Fairview?   *)  tell you what, let's
>get a pulse on who's in and we'll go from there.

I'd get there early for a morning round. I enjoyed Groff's last year, but
if the location will make it tough to get to Wrendale in time I could go
for something else.


Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 23:19:05 -0400
From: Terry Easton <>
Subject: Re: [RSG-OHIO] Re: rsg-cincy - I'm back....

Wren Dale GC was quite a challenge, especially for a first-view. While
there were no houses on the course (and likely won't be), Wren Dale's
not walker-friendly so probably won't be reappearing on the RSG-Hershey
rotation. Temps were in the eighties along with the humidity. Six hardy
golfers showed, including RSG-newbies Rob & Cathy. Scores generally
exceeded the temps.

I'm trying out an (old) new driver. I bought it a year or so ago and
finally decided my other driver's shaft was too different from my
steel-shafted irons. Last week, this (old) new driver was working fine.
Today, it worked mostly left-and-right.


Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 00:18:41 +0000
From: Jon Green <>
Subject: [RSG-OHIO] RSG Hershey update

And the results are in.  In a limited field event, Mr. 10 (aka me) is
the 2005 RSG-Hershey champion. 

In a sweltering contest of, well, sweating, coincidentally, the only
one lazy (intelligent, perhaps) enough to take a cart, wins.  I think
Roger won the sweating contest.

It was a hot and humid day, temperatures around 90 once we hit the
back 9, and I could see that the heat was taking a toll on my walking
partners, Roger Georg, Terry Easton, and Dave T.  I had learned my
lesson on Friday, attempting to walk Wren Dale, a course that was not
designed to be walked.  My body was too worn out from not playing
much and then trying to walk that place in hot, hot heat, so I hadn't
even considered walking 18 at Dauphin.  The afternoon 9, sure, but
not 18.

Terry had said Wren Dale wasn't walker friendly.  Well, they let you
walk, but I wouldn't advise it except in cool weather.  Ravines
spread throughout, many where you had to take a winding path down,
and back up.  After 9 I was pretty spent, but decided to try to make
it 18.  After 13 or 14, I couldn't physically do it, and had to hitch
on the back on the cart.  It didn't help that there was only one
water station on each 9, and the one on the back wasn't until 15
(14).  I guzzled a gatorade after 9, but it was not enough.  We
played the wrong tees, though.  We played the blues, and some of the
carries were too long.  The whites would be plenty there. I played 18
in the morning, but rode, at Galen Hall.  Weather wasn't too bad
then, cloud cover kept it bearable. 

I shot around mid-upper 90's at Galen Hall, losing 6 balls in the
first 5 holes, and then pulled off a 109 at Wren Dale, probably
losing another half dozen or so, but got a good rest and was
refreshed for Saturday. 

After playing a few times at Dauphin
I'm comfortable with the course and usually play relaxed

there.  That was the key, relaxing and not trying to kill the ball. 
I got into a nice rhythm, didn't have any blow up holes (two double
bogies), and shot 83.  We played the white tees, which are 61 hundred
something.  I could swear we've played the blues before, which makes
it a bit more difficult at over 6,700.  For once, in an RSG tourney
round, I played like a 10.  The highlight was #16, a winding, 525
yard par 5.  You drive to the end of the fairway at 230-240, after
which is a non fairway low area, they call it a ravine, but after
Wren Dale I'll just call it a low spot -- there's grass.  The hole
then goes back up the hill a little right, then back to the left for
the last 200 yards, 525 yards total.  I hit my drive to the preferred
left side of the fairway 10 yards from the end, hit a solid five wood
just into the right rough, an 8 iron 30 feet short of the far back
pin, and made the putt straight up the hill.  Luckily, the cup got in
the way, or it may have gone off the green.  I almost birdied the
next hole too, leaving a ten foot right to left putt, but just pushed
it a little right.  I'm putting better with the white hot belly
putter, both on lag putts and 4 footers.

Terry came in second, shooting 88.  Oh yeah, it was hot enough that
we bagged the afternoon 9, which is why I'm home now.  I would have
played, but then, I did take a cart and wasn't too beat.  One more
round tomorrow at Armitage with the Stulkas joining in.  We will have

Welcome to newbies Kathy & Rob from NY.  While RSG-Hershey has it's
quaint charm and is very low key, to experience the other end of RSG
madness, you must attend RSG-Ohio, the schmajor of schmajors.

Jon G.

--- In, "Dave Osborne" <DJO2112@h...> wrote:

Congratulations Mr. 10!!!  Great Job!

BTW, we usually wait for the RSG Host to announce the winner...not that you
jumped-the-gun or anything...
 -Super Dave

Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 01:40:16 +0000
From: Jon Green <>
Subject: [RSG-OHIO] Re: RSG-Hershey

But how long will we have to wait then?

Well, today it was all down hill (wink, wink), I had an 8 on the par
4 #16 at Armitage, mixed in with some other stuff that I don't care
to divulge right now at the risk of being labeled Mr. Cinco or
something like that. 

Actually, now that I think about it, I thank Pat Inglis for the video
he made for RSG-Ohio.  My left elbow was breaking down on the
backswing, and after correcting that and simplifying my swing, I was
pretty consistent yesterday and today.  I guess I can throw a good
round or two in without much practice (2 rounds so far this year and
once at the range two weeks ago plus I hit a bucket Saturday morning)
as long as I find a groove.  And then I can go out and shoot 100.

Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 12:57:55 -0400
From: Patrick Inglis - Parabolic Golf <>
Subject: RE: [RSG-OHIO] Re: RSG-Hershey

No charge.

It's like seeing video of you dancing at your cousin's wedding drunk out of
your mind. While you're dancin', you think, "man, I look gooood" but the
video proves otherwise. You see it and go, "OK, I don't dance like James
Brown" or "OK, I don't swing like Ernie Els". The difference is everyone
should see themselves swing a golf club on video at least once. The dancing,
nobody needs to see except for at the bi-annual family reunion BBQ where
more drinking and dancing ensues...and ultimately, more video footage. It's
a vicious cycle, really.

At 01:44 PM 6/12/2005, marktexkoenig wrote:

Congrats Senior Cinco!!

Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 21:54:03 -0400
From: Dave Tutelman <>
Subject: Re: [RSG-OHIO] Re: RSG Hershey update


"Senior"? He's no senior. I'm a senior. He was, in fact, the most junior
person in the tournament.

"Cinco"? After this weekend (Jon shot 78 at Armitage today), he probably
SHOULD be Señor Cinco. But, for the time being, he'll only admit to Señor
Diez. And that only under protest.


Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 16:46:26 +0000
From: Jon Green <>
Subject: [RSG-OHIO] Re: RSG Hershey update

Before I ramble on, I'd like to pay homage to Senator Cooper for
organizing the event.  Despite the relatively small turnout this
year, 6 on Friday, 8 on Saturday, and 9 on Sunday, a good time was
had by all.  Hey, it gave me a shot to win without some former champs
there, but then I'd rather not win and have a bigger crowd. 
Hopefully, we can get some or all of Thor, the Markses, Sir Plow,
Brother Bill and maybe some of those west of PA who've never made the
trek.  Thanks again, Coops. And we may have panned Wren Dale, but I
appreciate being able to play it.  We basically had the course to
ourselves, which is always nice.  I just wish I had taken a cart and
brought extra water.  It was a spectacular looking course, and a
major challenge. 

I learned a lesson about opening my mouth on the course or thinking
ahead.  Not that I'll be better the next time. 

During the round at Armitage, I was doing a good job at not counting
my score or thinking about what my score might be at the end if I did
this, that, etc.  I had tallied the scores after 9 and had shot 3-
over 38, but the back nine is tougher and I really didn't look ahead
because I knew it could fall apart at any minute.

After I did well to save bogey after being in tree trouble on the
first two shots on #15, a long par 5 with the last 175 yards going up
hill. We're waiting on the 16th tee for the group in front to clear. 
I looked at the scorecard, and without realizing it, I had played 1-
under par for the 9 holes prior to 15 (8 pars & a birdie on 11), so I
was even par on the back with 3 holes to play after shooting 38 on
the front.  So I start doing some quick calculations.  Hmm, par in
for 73, bogey in for 76, whick would beat my all time best by 1. 
Here's where I put the foot in the mouth.  I say out loud to Dave
T, "I'd really have to kick it around from here to not break 80." 
It's not that I was nervous or anything or putting pressure on
myself, it was just a fact.  Unfortunately, 16 and 17 are about the
hardest holes on the course.  I proceed to play tree ball all the way
up the left side of 15, and luckily, only got an 8.  I settled down
to bogey and par the last two holes for 78, but I've really got to
stop thinking until the round is over.  Playing one shot at a time
and not really thinking about anything else really helps.