From: "John W. Griffin"

Date: 1995/07/24

Subject: Indiana RSG Open A Great Success!

The Indiana RSG Open was held this past Saturday the 22nd at the Golf Club of Indiana in Zionsville. Luckily, the thunderstorms held off just long enough for us to get in all 18 holes, although the last group looked a little nervous (not to mention drenched) walking off the 18th green! ("I'd keep playing. I don't think the heavy stuff's going to come down for a while.")

Thanks a bunch to everyone who showed interest! It's great to be able to finally put names with faces.

I think the character of the group was definitely Squeaks Schiele. She quickly picked up the slack in the prize category - I've never seen someone organize a skins pool with such zeal! Even though it was only a buck each, we could hear her whining about missed putts all over the course! :-) I'm glad I didn't organize an outing prize package through the pro shop - the winner might have been able to afford a pair of socks, that is, if they would have allowed us in the pro shop in the first place! [The pro asked me to collect everyone's fees and pay in one lump sum because "we don't want a bunch of people in the pro shop." Horrors! People in the pro shop! They might buy something! Can't have that, can we?] Squeaks also regaled us with plenty of Mickey Powell (the pro) idiot stories - now we all know exactly what a "misogynist" is!!

Lots of great shots in my foursome - played with Mark Maple, Ed Green, and Ed's son Mike. Ed's holed bunker shot on #1 that nobody saw, my ensuing birdie putt to halve his skin, Mike almost holes out a 6-iron(?) for an eagle on #10 (6 inches short), Ed returns the favor of halving my birdie and skin on #18, Mark had plenty of crushed drives with his Bubble (not to mention Ed's new toy), and Mike scorched the back nine with a 39. Ed managed an 81, Mark, Mike, and I had 87's - decent rounds, but each had his own share of trouble (I'd just as soon forget my three straight triples from #10-#12, but playing the last 6 in 1-over was fun). Also the first time I've ever played from a mostly dried-up creekbed, sounds like I had more success at it than Perry Ramsey did - I played it like a fairway bunker shot with a sand wedge and the ball back in my stance, and the ball came out low and hot. Spent a while getting the mud off my spikes, though.

BTW, where was that ranger when we needed him on the front? Three hours on the front, but under 2 on the back.

All in all, a fantastic time. I'd highly suggest that everyone on r.s.g. get together and play in one of these regional RSG Opens if you get the chance - what a fun way to meet some great people!

Thanks again to everyone: Ed & Mike Green, Mark Maple, Ron Pollard, Joe Conte, Steve Gribble, Perry Ramsey, Dave Cook, Mike Sellars, Brian Cavanuagh, and of course, we could never forget Squeaks!

BTW, Mark, you did get a skin - with a par somewhere on the front (probably #5 - that long par 4). Since Mike Green was our only other skins winner, and you had already left, we just gave him the whole pot. I think Ed used some of Mike's allowance money on that new Bubble, anyways. :-)

Anybody else out there want to chime in with reports?? I'll take suggestions for doing this again sometime... :-) Keep in touch, gang!


John W. Griffin | Associate Engineer | Allison Engine Company | Turbine Aerodynamics | Indianapolis, Indiana