Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 08:51:03 -0500
From: Mike Dalecki <>
Subject: [RSG-OHIO] RSG-Ohio Retrospective

First, before I say anything else, I'd like to thank Thor for another great event. It's a hell of a lot of work to pull off something like RSG-O, and Thor does it with aplomb.

Here is a list of observations from the weekend, in no particular order:

1. Thursday night at The Ruckmoor. What a dive! It's not often you have to play a break when shooting pool.

2. Thanks to David Hayes for donating to the beer fund Saturday night. David, it was delicious!

3. Doug Rich sure can hit the ball a long way for one of the shortest backswings you'll ever see.

4. During Match-Play-Madness, Mark Georg had one of the all-time great recoveries from the water on #7 at Chapel Hill. The ball just trickled in; his first swing moved it to a better place about a foot away, and his second shot popped it up on the green. It was one of the best sixes you'll ever see.

5. During the tournament round, Super Dave Osborne nearly became Jean Van De Velde. He hit his ball into the dry creek in front of the 14th green. It came to rest among some rocks, but he felt that he could get the ball out, up by the green if not on it.

I was very conflicted; it was during the tournament round and I knew, given the birdies he'd made, that he was in the running. But no
advice--and I wanted to shout "take your medicine, declare it unplayable, and move back to a spot you can hit it."

But the Van De Velde in Super Dave won out, so he tried to hit it out. He hit two rocks with his first swing, as the club hit one behind the ball and bounce it over to one in front of the ball. But the ball didn't move.

So he tried again. This time, he was able to move the ball about 2 feet, still in the rocks. finally, on the third shot he dislodged it,
moving it out toward the green. He ended up taking a 9, which could have very well have knocked him out of the running.

6. Rob Pyle has turned into quite the brewer of beer.

7. Saturday night at The Ruckmoor. What a dive! ;)

8. Rancho Bob Patterson's wife Brenda is a hoot.

9. Advil Gel-Caps--the best friend of a man with a bad back. You pop 'em like candy, one every 3 or 4 holes. Add a little irish whiskey, a cigar or two, and it's nearly heaven.

10. I wish I could have stayed for the entire round on Sunday. Nice course, great company. The trip back was 9:25, which wasn't bad.

11. The greens on Sunday were some of the quickest I've played in a long time. I wonder how many 3-putts, total, there were on Sunday.

12. If you have an ugly pair of plaid pants, send 'em to Rancho Bob. He won't know the difference. Speaking of that, let's all chip in and buy him a fashion sense. :)

13. Thanks to Super Dave Osborne for making 4 birdies during the tournament round. He knocked off at least 4 skins, leaving only Steve Hall and myself to split the skins pot.

14. At the US Open, the USGA is famous for making up theme pairings: major champions pairing, prick pairing, like that.

Friday, I could have sworn that Thor made up the weird putter pairing. There was Doug Rich, who, disconcertingly, putts lefthanded even though he hits his full shots righthanded. Then there was Patrick Inglis, who uses a long broomstick type of putter arrangement. Then there was me, who looks like a hockey player ready to make a slapshot. Inexplicably, Thor also included Phil Chapekis, who putts conventionally. Not that it did him any good.

15. I was 2-1 in beer matches for the weekend.

16. The magic pixie dance lives!

17. Hoggy's is awesome. I ordered a half-chicken/ribs combo. When it arrived we all gawked at the sight of the largest half-chicken we'd ever seen. Chuck Bernard: "Looks like they raised that chicken next to the nuclear reactor."

18. Had some great conversations with Dave Tutelman and Patrick Inglis about clubmaking. I'm going to try one of those TechLine putters, I think.

19. I wish I could have played with everybody, but I know that if I can keep showing up, eventually I will. I still feel the same way as before: It doesn't really matter who I'm paired with, I have a great time with everyone.

Thanks to all who attended. I really enjoyed the weekend, and everyone was terrific. I can't hardly wait until next year!


Mike Dalecki GCA Accredited Clubmaker
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