Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 12:06:50 +0000
From: jpflumjr <>
Subject: [RSG-OHIO] Things I Learned/Misc Thoughts from RSG Ohio 2007

In no particular order…………

(Items that need 'splaining can be found below…………..)

1. Thor hates Sunday.
2. It's not "Rancho" Bob Patterson anymore. It's "Fancy Pants" Bob Patterson.
3. Part of Rock Pyle's pre-shot routine is saying to himself: "You are a good golfer."
4. What the "4x4" means on an SUV.
5. Deb Rich, in her wild patterned skort on Friday morning, looked just like Kelly Newell.
6. Doug Rich did a good job of taking the place of the well dressed, but absent, Mike Plowinski.
7. Champions Club, the course we played on Friday morning, was the very first course I ever played with David Sneddon. I played there in 2000 with Thor, David Sneddon, and Don Doyle. (1999 was my first year at RSG Ohio.)
8. Deb Rich did a good imitation of Google Maps during the tournament round.
9. "This is just crap and not a hazard, right?" said Rock Pyle as he prepared to hack out of the junk.
10. The Pesky Canadian (David Sneddon and Patrick Inglis) uniform: twin cigarettes, Tim Horton's coffee, and dorky looking red antlers.
11. Patrick Inglis and I had a great discussion about the addictive nature of Chapstick.
12. Life doesn't get much better than walking down the fairway while Thor sings "Scotland the Brave."

1. Sunday is when the fun is over and everyone has to go home. I feel the same way after my event and all of the other events I attend.
2. Bob looked like he raided Ian Poulter's closet. Saturday he wore pants that were the British flag and Sunday some crazy plaid looking things.
6. Doug looked very "GQ" all weekend - well dressed, freshly pressed, fashionable attire. Normally that is reserved for Mike Plowinski.
8. Deb forecaddied for us on one hole during the tournament round. "Go to the third tree on the right turn left, take 10 paces and look down."