Thor Grand Finale Writeup

David Thor Collard  -  September 19, 2015

It has been very difficult to write something up about RSG-Ohio that comes anywhere close to capturing the overwhelming feelings from the Grande Finale and all the amazing things people said and did and gave. So many came up to me with personal stories about RSG-Ohio and how it and the things it spawned affected them… unbelievable how a little event like this can mean so much. You are all my treasured friends and each of you have touched me deeply in some way. RSG-Ohio is about the people and yes I organize it but the people that come are what make it. So it is special because of you.

I wanted RSG-Ohio to go out with a bang and I think that was accomplished. SO many came from far and wide… so of course we had to play four days instead of three. The first day was at a simple little course – I think an interesting layout, but a budget course and accompanying conditions – I had a great time, with great companions and great matches. I had to talk the woman that runs this course into letting us play – she didn’t think we could get done with 36 holes in time to open the tees before the leagues. I convinced her we weren’t a normal ‘outing’, we were ‘real golfers’, but she was still worried… until I came into the clubhouse about 3 hours and 20 minutes later. We HAD to be off the tee by 4:00… I think the last group had turned by 3:15. When I went in to thank her for having us she said – you are awesome! I wish all groups like you! Made me proud.

Friday we played golf – Mill Creek and Buck Ridge. At Mill Creek my match was lopsided as Tex and Scotty crushed me and Dug like 30 up (and we only played 18 holes). At Buck Ridge Meryl, Debazon, and I tried to keep up with John Pflum who was playing like Jordan Spieth. I think 3 times immediately after he hit a shot he moaned with pleasure… “Oooooh that was sooo good”. And each time he stuck the ball right next to the hole. But after the golf… was the special part. I can’t believe you all did all that – it started with presentation of signed golf balls from RSG-Attendees from past years who couldn’t make it this year… and then each person came up and personally gave me a signed ball…. most with personal significance to me or them or us or RSG-Ohio. I couldn’t even read them my glasses fogged up or something… And then the bag… with the coffeemaker digitized… the RSG-Ohio logo… and ‘One Rule’. I just love you guys all so much. You have no idea how much that meant to me.

Saturday had to be at Indian Springs, the ‘home’ of RSG-OHIO in my mind, though I lament the loss of the third nine due to the many stories from there. And I’m so glad Rock Pyle won, I have always wondered if the Maroon Jacket would fit him. Surprisingly it went on quite easily and even looked large on him. Perhaps it is magic.

Match Play Madness™ is going to be the hardest thing to give up. It is the round I look forward to most every year. I will never understand (1) how I actually suggested to so many strangers that we should try this as a group and (2) these strangers agreeing to play this crazy format 20 years ago and then (3) these strangers, now friends and my RSG-Ohio family coming back to do it every year for 20 years. But… I love it and I guess you do too. That means so much to me. Perhaps it can be played sometime at other events?

I was thinking… in 20 years I think we had one half-round completely rained out (New Albany Links). We had heavy rain at Foxfire but no thunder and finished the round. Maybe another rainout I can't recall... A few delays here and there but not a bad record. It helps being Thor.

Sunday was emotional …. the final Pesky Match™. I don’t even remember who won. OK, Yes I do, dammit! And then the good-byes. I know I will miss RSG-Ohio and next fall I will perhaps regret ending it (My wife doesn’t believe it is over)… there is the idea of 90 Holes Of Match Play Madness™ :). It was hard, as always… but harder… and yet it felt right. It ended as I wanted it to – with a bang and a shout and a glorious YAWP
to the world that The Gemme is alive and worth playing. And the world is better for it.

Thank you all so much for the support over the years.

-- Thor