Cast of Characters
(Dramatis Personae)

A lot of people in the articles are referred to by nickname. Those who regularly attend the events know who most of them are, but just in case you don't...

Annika - Bret Douglas. When he first joined RSG, he used this handle and pretended to be a woman.  Not too many were fooled..

Bill-O - Bill King, now of Atlanta. When he lived in St. Louis, he was the host of RSG-STL.

Bill PA, Brother Bill - Bill Sponseller, from eastern Pennsylvania.

Coops - Guy Cooper, who usually hosts RSG-Hershey.

Debazon - Deb Rich. I believe the nickname originated on a day that she was powering all her putts way past the hole.

Deuce - Joe Dean.

Dug just Dug - Dug Rich.

Growler - Terry Easton. If you've ever played golf in his foursome, you know why. He has very high standards for his golf shots -- and yours -- and growls audibly if a shot doesn't meet those standards.

HRH - Her Royal Hotness Kelly Newell.

Marcus, Sir Marcus - Mark Georg, who hosts RSG-Pittsburgh.

Metz - Steve Metzler.

Mr. 10 - Jon Green, who was a 10-handicap when he started attending these things. He argues for being called "Mr. 20" when looking for strokes before a match. On one recent occasion, he signed a match-challenge email "Mr. Gazillion".

Mr. JFB - John Balogh

Neal-San - Neal Bell.

No Fear - Joe Dean.

Papa Pflum - Jack Pflum. John Pflum's father often joins us for a round or two at RSG-Ohio.

Pesky Canadians - David Sneddon and Patrick Inglis, a couple of Canadians who always come to RSG-Ohio. There is now a tradition of an international match on Sunday between the Pesky Canadians and a couple of low-handicap Americans.

Pflagstick - John Pflum, so-called because of his pfysique. He hosts RSG-Cincy.

Plow, Sir Plow - Mike Plowinske.

Rancho Bob  -  Bob Patterson. I have no idea the origin of the name, but he is from southern California.

Rockpile - Rob Pyle. Origin of the nickname? At Ohio-2006, he introduced himself to Kelly Newell, who mis-heard his name -- and the rest is history.

SkyHawk - Steve Hall, though I don't know why. He is also occasionally called "Jon" -- but that is by mistake. Everybody sees an uncanny resemblance to Jon Green except Steve and Jon.

Snedds - David Sneddon. See "Pesky Canadians".

Sparky - John King of Atlanta.

Stemmah! - Steve Stemmer. Always said with the exclamation point. And often written with the initials "F.U." Hmmm! I don't see how you get "Steve" out of that.

Stork - John Griffin.

Super Dave - Dave Osborne, who really is super, unlike his show-biz namesake.

Tex - Mark Koenig, who really is from Texas. Well, originally from California, but he's been from Texas for a long time.

Tiger Woodchuckle - Chuck Sedlacko.

Thor - Dave Collard, who hosts RSG-Ohio -- both the tournament and the discussion group. There is a legend that he can control the weather. When these events started out, he claimed that he had never been caught out in the rain on a golf course. While that record has picked up a few blemishes, he has done a really remarkable job protecting our events from evil weather -- and many of the accounts herein refer to those accomplishments.

Vander Pflum, Jean Claude vander Pflum - John Pflum.

Wee Mon - Patrick Inglis. See "Pesky Canadians". Also occasionally called "Weasel" or "Weaz".

Zippy - Beau Smith.

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