RSG Hershey -- 1997

By 1997, Hershey had become an annual staple. Thanks to a disk crash in 1999 (and my own lack of discipline doing backups), I don't have a full writeup of the '97 event, but I do have a few posts on the subject. The venues were Fox Chase, Royal Oaks, and Hershey Parkview, but I'm not sure. This was the year of the "Ryder Cup" format, with two local pros joining us for the singles round Sunday morning. Both the pros have gone on to bigger and better things -- or at least more notoriety. Ben Witter ( is a long-driver who has gotten to the semifinals of the ReMax championships, and Lisa Ann Horst ( has had a bare-all pictorial profile in Playboy.

Here are the only notes I could find recording the event.